Entrecote with a LCHF "potatoes au gratin"
So, today I made my first LCHF gratin.  Whilst my husband didn't feel it was anything to write home about, I thought it was really good!  That said, I love gratin, so just having that sort of sensation today was a real big plus!

So for dinner tonight we had steak, marinated in a LCHF friendly marinade of soy sauce, sambal oelek, pressed garlic, canola oil and a couple of drops of liquid stevia, served with a low carb gratin.  Now, this gratin (or gratäng as they call it here in Sweden) was made out of Daikon, aka Japanese/White Radish or Rättika to the Swedes.  I changed it up by adding some egg and feta cheese and the results were very good!  I will definitely serve this again if I have people over, or perhaps for Christmas at the Julbord (Christmas Table) so that I can have a low carb side dish. 

Now that my eyes have been opened to the possibilities of daikon, I expect to be using it more often in dishes.  Perhaps a "potato salad"?  So much to try!  For tomorrow I'm thinking LCHF pasta, made from eggs and cream cheese and then baked in the oven...that said, we still have some gratin left, so maybe it'll be meatballs or meatloaf...we'll see!


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