So, bought a new cookbook today.  Very excited about the recipes that are in it.  I bought it because the types of meals in them weren't very far from what I was accustomed to making, so I thought it would be a good cookbook to make the transition seemless to LCHF.  I made the halloumi bread today.  Seemed to go quite well with the salmon that I prepared. 

Whilst I was in town I got a bit hungry, not overly though.  I think that's because I didn't eat enough fat during lunch time.  I was in a hurry to catch the bus so all I had was a 1 egg scramble with generous dollop of cottage cheese.  Whilst I did fry the egg i butter, I didn't add any additional fat to the meal, which may be why I was a bit snacky later in the day.  Good thing I brought some macadamia nuts with me.  Had a few of those and some mineral water and we were good to go.  Planning to make either pancakes or waffles this weekend using one of the recipes in the book.  By then I should have received the ingredients that I ordered over the net the other day.  I must say that I have never been as excited to do a diet as I am now. 

Among the other things I picked up today were turkey bacon (I don't eat pork) and ghee (clarified butter)



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