Today for dinner I made a meal out of ground beef and zucchini.  I had some meat left over and I was going to put it into the fridge to be eaten another day.  I then wondered, "What can I do to make something interesting with this leftover meat?"I had some broccoli and tomatoes left over from my oven chicken the other day.  I figured I could put everything together, add some cream and eggs, season it up a bit and voila, mini egg muffins!

Going on a LCHF diet can be expensive.  There are a number of ingredients, like the flours and sweetners, that can make the pocket a bit light.  Not to mention buying the meats.  If you are even more health and/or socially conscious, you then opt for organic/free-range/ekologisk products, which also usually has a higher pricetag attached.  My suggestion in making things a bit easier is make use of your leftovers and try to be creative with them.  With this same ground beef mix that I had left behind, it could have gone into a personal portion of pasta served with LCHF noodles, or make a LCHF friendly crepe/pancake to make a type of taco or burrito.  Not only do you save money, but you also get some variety with regards to meals.  Small bits of vegetables?  How about a filling omlette or add it to a salad?


05/22/2012 5:44am

Creativity can always save even the most usual meal!


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