Sometimes (okay, often times) we don't have the time to make our own spaghetti/pasta sauce.  Yes, we can do a simple alfredo, but homemade tomato sauce or a homemade pesto would take quite a bit of time to make.

Whilst basil pesto is low on carbs and accetable on a LCHF diet, tomato sauces are a whole different story.  They are usually laden with sugar, much to much sugar for a low carb diet.

But it's not impossible to find a suitable tomato sauce.  If you live here in Sweden, Saltå Kvarn's Pastasås Napoletana has only 5g of carbs.  For a tomato sauce that's awesome.  It's also organic (ekologisk).  So my tip for you is make sure you read the labels. 



05/22/2012 5:44am

Suitable sauce can really make some easy meal as true masteriece on taste!


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