So weebly reminds me that I haven't blogged for a few days.  So here's a new blog.  I promise to post more recipes, but I haven't been cooking so much recently because we've been invited to dinner a couple of times. 

My weightloss progress?  Since I have just come off of "that time of the month" I expected that there would be a few days to regulate my weight.  I also feel like I've been retaining water.  That means, especially due to this hot weather, that I haven't been drinking enough.  SO I'm really really trying to up my water intake.  School is pretty much over so I'll have more time (and no excuses) to go back to the gym.  I will do that in half an hour or so actually.  I went shopping last week for some clothes to take to Toronto and I was happy and sad.  Happy because I can finally buy clothes that aren't in the plus section.  It's nice not having to look at tent-sized clothing.  However, I have so much extra flab hanging from my weightloss.  It's like I can fly with my arms and float away with my thighs.  Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating somewhat but probably not so much.  My belly does seem somewhat smaller though.  Can one have "defined fat"?  I reckon it's just the fat kinda melting away in odd shapes that I'm imagining the beginning of seeing my abs.  One can dream right?

But yeah, back to weightloss progress, I'm back to under 69 kg today.  Weighed in at 68.9.  My lowest was 68.7 before I went on my period and my highest during my period was 70.  So it's going backwards.  That 68.9 was also before doing...number...ya know?  SO I could actually be less!  That's what I'm telling myself anyway.

Gonna  check my auctions on Diablo III and then get ready for the gym.


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