So there's the proof.  For gamers, it'd be my "screenshot" proving that I indeed weighed under 69 kg today.  I'm well chuffed with that result because it means that I have lost weight past any regain that should have occured after my VLCD. 

I am thrilled to be seeing some results already and that I'm enjoying the diet so far.  I baked some LCHF cupcakes today too.  They don't taste like regular ones, but I guess that's something that I have to live with!  You can find the recipe in my recipes section.

I also picked up an almond grinder so that I can make my own almond flour.  That should save a few pretty pennies.  For those in Sweden, I picked it up at Coop Konsum, on sale from 179 SEK to 99 SEK. 

Today's dinner
Dinner today was some chicken sausage in a creamy sauce with some boiled eggs on the side.  Lunch was leftovers from last nigh and breakfast was...boiled eggs and cottage cheese with a little bernaise sauce.  I ♥ Eggs.

Here's to hoping that I still see a loss tomorrow, or at least the gain isn't so much!


05/22/2012 5:43am

My congratulations - I think it's really normal weight for you!


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