My first LCHF Dinner
So, today is the first day of this website, and the first day of my LCHF diet/lifestyle.  I'm a bit nervous about it...it goes against all that I've been taught about cholesterol, fat etc.  That said, the evidence is pretty compelling: lose the carbs = lose the weight.  Seems like a simple equation, until one thinks about what does cutting carbs really equate to.

No more chips, no more fries, no more sugar, no more juices, no more starchy foods, no more breaded anything...

As a foodlover, that cuts out a lot of what I know to be tasty.  My goal is to protect what I love about food and but lose weight.  Whether it be on the LCHF diet or South Beach or whatever....I'm tired of restricting myself.  I hated counting calories and the idea of the LCHF really appeals to me, and my husband.  It's not so nice on the pocket book, but if it means I'll be buying less junk food, that'll be a saving that we can put towards the increased meat budget.  Although I'm gonna be giving up some of my loves, I'll also be saying hello to those that I had, until  the recently, thought that I'd never be able to enjoy (guilt free) again: whole fat whipped cream, full fat cheese, mayonaise, eggs with yolk, hollendaise...to name a few. 

My goal is to share this journey with you and hopefully inspire you with my successes and failures.  I'm highly anticipating the experimentation that I'll be doing with this diet in the kitchen, learning how to make food I love (especially baked goods) using low carb alternatives.  How do you bake without flour??  I'm gonna learn how!

Tomorrow is a new day with new challenges.  I'm excited about going to the grocery store.  I'm gonna pick me up some whipping cream and eggs and some full fat cheese.  I'm gonna look for a nice juicy steak as well and maybe some chicken pieces (with the skin!).   I'm going to try to avoid weighing in for the next week or so, to give my body a few days to adjust to this new diet, afterwards, I'll keep you up to date with my progress.  Wish me luck!



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