LCHF "Pasta"
So, as you know, eating LCHF means no pasta.  Well, this dish allows you to feel like you're eating pasta but without the carb!  I found this particular pasta recipe Expressen's Allt om LCHF (Maj 7-11 2012).  It's on page 36 and part of the recipe LCHF-pasta med pesto och kycklingspett (LCHF Pasta with pesto and chicken skewers).  The original recipe is in Swedish but I'll post it on here translated into English.

My husband thought it was a good replacement for pasta.  It is admittedly a bit fiddlesome, so I reckon you wouldn't make it every day, however on those days when you're really missing spaghetti bolognese, it can be worth the effort rather than giving in to the carb monster.  Things I would probably do differently and worth mentioning.  The next time I will bake it in two batches, allowing me to roll out the pasta thinner.  I felt like I was running out of room on my baking tray so the pasta was a bit thicker than I would have liked it.  A thinner sheet will probably make it even feel more "pasta-y".  I was afraid that it would taste like very thin shredded scrambled eggs, but whilst it kinda looked like it, it had a bit more of a tug, which I reckon is the fiberhusk and cream cheese working.  The following recipe is only for the pasta, but for those interested in what I used for making the sauce it was 1 medium sized onion, diced, 1 bottle of organic pasta sauce (5g carb/100g), 1kg of minced beef, a bit of whipping cream and some spices.  I used a pizza slicer to cut the pasta, makes it alot easier than scissors!

LCHF "Pasta"
4 portions

4 eggs (I used large ones)
125g Philadelphia Cream Cheese (not low fat)
1/2 dl fiberhusk (Psyllium husk fibre)
1 pinch of salt

1) Set the oven to 150 C.  Beat the eggs until fluffy (I used a hand mixer).  Blend in the cream cheese, fiber husk and salt so that it becomes a smooth batter.  (I also added some chopped chives.  I reckon you can add any number of flavour enhancers like garlic, ground pepper, just up to you to try!)  Let sit for a couple of minutes and then mix one more time.  (The fiberhusk will make it pretty thick after it's sat a few min, so don't wait too long!)

2) Spread the batter out onto some baking paper (pre-oil it so the pasta doesn't stick).  Place on top an oiled piece of baking paper. With a rolling pin, carefully roll out the batter so that it's as thinn as possible.  If you get the batter to spread on the whole area it will be thin enough. (In my experience it wasn't, hence my comment above that I'll probably doing it in two batches next time).

3) Bake in the middle of the oven for about 10 minutes.  Take off the top paper and then cut the "pasta" into thin slices. 

4) Top with your favourite LCHF sauce and enjoy!

1/9/2014 02:12:24 am

Just wanted to say....this is the best pasta substitute that I have tasted and believe me, I have tried & tested alot of them, they always fail as they taste of Almonds or Coconut or Egg...but this is exceptional, I did roll mine very thinly and then cut into spaghetti type strands with a rich carbanara sauce....just the best!....Lets hope it freezes well....Thank you.

2/3/2014 04:25:53 am

Im so glad I found this page because I tried to make this pasta but I boiled it which left me with one big gooey mess lol. I will also make this as two batches because it is quite a lot of pasta when cooking for two.

Judie Ann
3/14/2014 08:08:49 am

What is the measurement 1/2 dl equivalent to?

Wheatless Ellen
4/1/2014 07:49:50 am

1/2 dl = 3.38 Tablespoons, which is a little less than 1/4 cup.


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