Today I purchased a new cookbook called "LCHF för Familjen" which translates in English to "LCHF for the Family".  I was actually in the bookstore to pick up a LCHF baking cookbook but ended up leaving with this one because it seemed to have recipes that were relevant to my lifestyle.  I wanted recipes that weren't so far off with what I am likely to make on a daily basis, and I liked the idea of getting my daughter accustomed to not eating excessive carbs.  I have had a block of halloumi cheese sitting in my fridge forever so I thought that this would be a good recipe to try.  I deviated from the original recipe with the use of sesame seeds.  The original recipe calls for white sesame seeds.  I didn't have any, I only had furikaki on hand (a Japanese condiment designed to sprinkle on rice).  My furikaki had black and white sesame seeds, seaweed and red shiso leaves.  The seaweed gave it a bit of a fishy taste, making this good to go with the salmon that I was preparing for dinner.  The following is the recipe in Swedish and then my English translation.  My verdict?  It's not very "breadlike" but that may be because I was really expecting it too be.  It does seem like a decent side dish however, kinda like a chewy pancake.  I can imagine it to be good as an appetizer.  Perhaps topped with some smoked salmon and some sort of mayonaise based sauce with a sprig chive to dress it up.

Halloumi Bread

10-12 pieces

25g smör/butter
200g halloumi
3 äggvitor/egg whites
1/2 krm/pinch salt
1 1/2 msk/tbsp fiberhusk/psyllium husk
2 msk/tbsp sesamfrön/sesame seeds + lite till garnering/extra to sprinkle
1/2 dl (50 ml) grädde/cream

Gör så här/Directions

  • Sätt ugen på 200 grader.  Lägg bakplåtspapper på en plåt.  Smält smöret och låt svalna.  Riv halloumin. / Set the oven to 200 degrees C.  Place baking paper on a baking tray.  Melt the butter and let it cool.  Shred the halloumi.
  • Vispa äggvitorna med saltet till ett hårt skum och rör ner den rivna osten, fiberhusk och sesamfrön i äggskummet.  Ha i grädde och smör.  Blanda väl och låt svälla några minuter. / Beat the egg whites with the salt to a hard foam and blend in the shredded cheese, psyllium husk and sesame seeds into the egg foam.  Add the cream and butter.  Blend well and allow it to swell for a few minutes.
  • Lägg matskedsstora klickar på plåten.  Bred ut dem lite med en sked och strö över lite sesamfrö.  Grädda mitt i ugnen i cirka 15 minuter.  Låt svalna på galler. / Spoon tablespoon sized clicks on the baking tray.  Spred them out a bit with a spoon and sprinkle over a little sesame seed.  Bake in the middle of the oven for about 15 minutes.  Allow to cool on a baking rack.

Tips!  Frys in de bröd som inte går åt.  Bröden blir bäst av att tinas i brödrost eller ugn.  Då blir de som nybakade!/  Tip:  Freeze the bread that you don't eat.  The bread is best thawed in the toaster or oven.  It'll taste just baked!

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